San Diego Apartment Moving Pros

Apartment Mover has nearly ten years experience working with senior facilities and apartment facilities all around the county. This experience has allowed us to develop methods, set quality standards, and figure out the best, most efficient way to conduct household and apartment moves. Our job is simply to take the burden off the client, both emotionally and financially, by getting their belongings to their new home without any problems whatsoever. We are the San Diego movers with experience handling all varieties of moves and furniture types. Apartment Mover offers service for anybody moving locally or long distance within the San Diego, North County and beyond.

Home and Apartment moving company

A brief description of our moving services:

  • Professional Relocation of Apartments, Households, Small Offices
  • Referred By Premier Apartment & Senior Homes in SD County
  • Moving, Packing, Unpacking, Storing, More
  • Experienced, Licensed, Insured Carriers
  • Free Tape, Wardrobes, Tools, Assembly, Etc
  • Full furniture Protection, Expert Handling
  • Fast, Friendly, Efficient, Affordable, Professional – Reliable
  • Extensive Experience With Grand Pianos, Safes, Antiques, Hoisting… No Problem. We Welcome Any Challenging Move or Piece!
  • Last, The Best Moving Value Among San Diego Moving Companies

We like to remind our customers that severe stress certainly doesn’t have to be a part of the moving experience. What Apartment Mover offers besides experienced movers and competitive pricing, is knowledge of how to quell any burdens and worries, from beginning to end.

Our company is a locally owned, family operated organization. We’ve flourished in an extremely competitive market because of our ability to satisfy not just our client, but the managers of apartment facilities. Our strategy is the most simple: We do whatever it takes to make both parties happy. Repeat customers keep us in business, and doing quality work gives us personal satisfaction. Our San Diego movers go the extra mile to get your apartment, home or commercial space moved without trouble..

Our name doesn’t tell the whole story. Even though we are apartment moving experts, we take great pride in being able to handle any sized job, residential or commercial. We know how to handle tricky moving situations – because that’s what we do, each and every day. Our movers are never inexperienced. They perform house or apartment moves 4 to 7 days a week. They know that since moving is stressful on folks, and the economy is in the state that it’s in, exceptional customer service skills are 100% necessary.

Apartment Mover works with utter resilience in order to protect our reputation, which basically means doing great work. We strive daily to be the house and apartment moverscan depend on for a stress-free, affordable move. Please call for a free appraisal, and to learn more about the unique services we offer to those moving to, from, or withing apartments, homes, or offices in San Diego, CA.

Here above is Scott and Joe with a blanketwrapped and shrinkwrapped love seat, moving it into the truck where it will be professionally loaded for transport.